The Dangerous Summer and guitarist Bryan Czap have parted ways. Read a statement Czap made on PropertyOfZack below.

“been holding off letting this news out for a while.. i will no longer be in the dangerous summer for both business and personal reasons.. i am not quitting music nor do i hold any type of grudge with the rest of the band. for the past few tours/months my head has been clouded ive been stressed and i have been feeling like my hearts just not in it anymore. the dangerous summer are like my brothers and this band has been my life for 6 years.  and i wish them the best of luck in the future.. I myself have big plans for new music and new dreams that i feel i need to pursue. thank you to all my fans who have stood by the band since the beginning. and i wanna thank all the people who have helped the band become what it is today (hopeless records, fata booking, , paul leavitt, jamie osman, will noon, jason tate, soroka productions) just to name a few, you guys made my dream a reality”