The Dickies, who played a select run of dates on the 2017 Warped Tour, have been called out for their unacceptable behavior on stage—and have, in turn, responded with a statement on Facebook.

A short video that was posted to Twitter shows frontman Leonard Graves Phillips using derogatory speech to directly call out a member of the crowd:

Fans and bands across the scene have spoken out against the band’s inappropriate behavior, including Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman, who confirmed that they are not on the tour anymore:

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The band has since responded in an extended Facebook post defending their actions:

While doing our show a handful of people took it upon themselves to express their ire with my routine–a routine that includes apish antics, a penis puppet, and often ends with me saying, “You're a great looking bunch of kids. We'd love to go down on each and every one of you but we just don't have the time.”
Apparently this group thought I meant it literally as they were holding a sign on the side of the stage (which was then thrown at me) that read:
“Our teenage girls don’t need to be subjected to derogatory jokes by a disgusting old man” “Punk isn’t predatory”…

I wasn’t there to “prey” on anyone’s child. In all honesty, as fine as most of my audiences are, I'll pass on having oral sex with each and every one of them.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to affix my groovy new “I *heart* Beaver” magnet (that I picked up in Beaver, Colorado) to the refrigerator and listen to “Beat On The Brat” by The Ramones. If some of you kids haven’t heard of them yet, check 'em out! They’re pretty cool.

Read their statement in full here.

The band were scheduled to play Warped Tour June 16 – 22, as well as June 24 and 25, though the incident took place on the band's last day on the tour.

Safer Scenes are currently out on Warped Tour all summer long, working to make the tour a safer space for fans.

Safer Scenes' aim is to prevent sexual violence on tour and support young people across America and everyone invested in creating safer scenes in their communities. If you'd like to support their work on Warped, consider donating to their Gofundme here.