When you're playing your last ever show in New York City, you have to make it memorable, and that's exactly what Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato did at Webster Hall.

During their performance of “Prancer,” Puciato made his way to the second floor of the nightclub and calmly told the crowd inbetween verses, “If I die, let it be tonight.” He sang a few more verses before finally jumping from the balcony and letting the fans carry him around the club.

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That death-defying jump was far from the craziest moment of the evening as fans caused mayhem all night long. It all captivated to the band's final song of the evening, “43% Burnt.” Fans took over the stage and began to even take apart Billy Rymer's drum set.

The night finally concluded with Puciato telling the crowd, “Thank you guys so much, forever. Everyone in this room tonight, we're The Dillinger Escape Plan. This has always been our favorite city in the fucking world.”

Check out the video of the craziest crowdsurf you'll see this week, along with the ending of that same show:

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