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Life.ru reports a 27-year-old fan of the Exploited was stabbed and later died from his wounds after the band's concert in St. Petersburg, Russia, last Saturday.

According to a loose translation of the Russian news outlet, the male victim was attempting to stop a group of neo-Nazis from chanting what translated to “zigovat.” A Google search reveals that this refers to “Sieg Heil,” a gesture affiliated to those sympathizing with Nazi beliefs.

The incident took place outside the Cosmonaut, the venue the legendary punk band were playing. The fan was attempting to stop a group of supposed far-right people from continuing the hateful gesture, but was stabbed after a scuffle ensued. He later died from his injuries on the way to the hospital.

Eyewitnesses have claimed the suspect responsible in the killing fled the scene, and authorities are investigating the situation as well as the attacker's whereabouts.

The Exploited have released a statement regarding the incident. The band hopes “they catch the people who did this” and noted that “Nazis skins or punks” are “NOT welcome to our gigs EVER.” The Scottish hardcore-punk group gained popularity in the 1980s and are known for their outspoken political themes.