After previously being offered to play Vans Warped Tour, the Ghost Inside have explained that they will not be hitting the road for the tour's final run.

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“Update: the final Warped Tour summer lineup was announced today and we won’t be a part of it. Lots of you might be disappointed and we are too but we aren’t quite fit for the stage yet,” the band shared on Twitter.

The Ghost Inside were involved a serious bus accident in late 2015, and Kevin Lyman had previously shared that the Ghost Inside would be the first confirmed band to play the 2017 Warped Tour.

“When that accident happened, I said, ‘I will hold this spot until the day before Warped Tour started.’ I said ‘It’s your spot,’” founder Kevin Lyman said during the live artists announcement stream.

“I’ve never announced a band for a tour a year and a half ahead. Ghost Inside will be on the 2017 Warped Tour.”

However, the band had to turn down the offer, following complications in their recovery.

“I think a lot of people, including ourselves, thought we were going to be a lot further along than we are currently and unfortunately we're not going to be able to play this summer,” explains vocalist Jonathan Vigil.

“Unfortunately we don't have a timeline for when we're going to be back to playing shows again but we all think about it every single day and we all miss it and we all wanta get back to it just as much as you guys wanta see us play again.”

Vigil took to Instagram a few weeks back to talk more about the heartbreak of not being able to play shows. “Being completely honest and transparent, going to shows is HARD. And I don’t mean hard in the physical sense because most venues, staff, security, patrons and show goers are very accommodating to handicapped or injured people,” Vigil writes.

“What I mean is it’s just hard… being here. It’s hard to know what we were and what we could be.”

The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk recently released an EP, Coma Visions, from his new project, One Decade.

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