[Photo by: Anton Corbijn]

At KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas on Sunday, the Killers vocalist Brandon Flowers made an indirect—yet totally direct—reference to  Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme kicking a female photographer in the face during their concert.

Flowers told the band’s own touring photographer: “I just wanna tell you to tell all your friends that you're welcome here. And at any Killers concert, you're safe and you're respected.”

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However, photographers aren’t happy with his statement. For, according to Billboard, press and freelance photographers in attendance were upset at their inability to photograph the set. They report that the Killers were the only band that prohibited nearly all photographers but their own from shooting.

“It didn't feel supportive coming from someone who prevents us from doing our job as press,” professional photographer Amy Harris told Billboard

“It is extremely frustrating for media professional photographers to travel to and shoot shows and festivals for their respective outlets, and not be able to cover the headlining acts. The artists don't seem to care about press.” 

Of course, Flowers originally said that photographers “make us look good,” noting that “we need to take care of these people.”

Does this mean the band will change their photographer policy? We’ll have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Flowers was hypocritical in his statement? Let us know in the comments below.