Christmas came early today when the Killers released their compilation of holiday jingles for charity. Check out the details on that and other news you might have missed today below.

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Wondering how Avenged Sevenfold made the awesome video for “The Stage”? Of course you do! Check it out:

Avenged Sevenfold magically released The Stage on Oct. 28 after an epic performance on top of their new label Capitol Records' building in Hollywood.

As Lions have announced their debut album Selfish Age, out Jan. 20 via Better Noise Records. Find the video announcement, tracklisting and cover below: 

Track Listing:
1.     Aftermath
2.     The Suffering
3.     Bury My Dead
4.     Deathless 
5.     Selfish Age
6.     White Flags
7.     Pieces
8.     World On Fire
9.     One By One
10.  The Fall
11.  The Great Escape

Creeper's Hannah Greenwood has spoken out about sexism in music after an incident occurred on tour with Pierce The Veil and letlive. It's important—read:

“I want to draw light to something that happened to me tonight. 

We're 3 weeks into our tour with letlive. and Pierce the Veil. After the show tonight, I was helping load the gear out of the building. I had a brief interaction with the local venue's Stage Manager who was asking us to make sure we didn't leave any gear in front of the fire exits – I obviously agreed, and said this was no problem. 

I then walked past him pushing a flight case out to the trailer helped by RJay (bassist, letlive). 
We then proceeded to walk back into the venue, when the Stage Manager steps out in front of me, letting me know I wasn't allowed back inside. I'd like to add that at this point I have my All Access pass around my neck on a bright green lanyard. The Stage Manager fails to stop RJay who at this point isn't wearing a pass as he's literally just walked off stage. Rjay and I had to practically wave the pass in his face for him to let me in. 

This isn't unusual for me to be stopped or singled out being a woman, it's not the first time this has happened to me on tour with Creeper, so I decide in the moment that enough is enough and call this guy out. 
At this point, he's realised his mistake and holds his hand out to me saying it's nice to meet me. I proceed to tell this chauvinistic moron that's it's not nice to meet him and that what he's just done to me is ridiculous.
At this point he starts to backtrack saying he's not sexist and that he works with many women all whilst smiling at me and trying to have a laugh. I refuse his hand shake and walk away. Not wanting to show him how upset I am I go upstairs and explain to some of the others what has just happened. 

The Stage Manager then gets hell from our fantastic tour manager and RJay. After trying to weasel his way out of the situation claiming that I had said something to him upon trying to get back into the venue, he comes to the realisation he's done wrong and apologises.

I am so thankful to be on tour with some of the best people I've met, people who I know have my back yet would never treat me any differently to anyone else. 

Sexism is not on. No woman should ever be made to feel that she cannot do something, because of her gender. No woman should ever be treated the way I have been this evening. 

Oh, and this photo's for you.

– Hannah”

Currently touring with the Naked And The Famous, the Chain Gang Of 1974 unveiled a new video for their new single “Slow.”

The awesome, one-take video features a cameo from Tears For Fears' frontman Curt Smith. Kamtin Mohager is the Chain Gang's mastermind and was 3OH!3's former touring bassist.

Equal Vision's Secret Space dropped an acoustic video for “Say What You Will.” You have to watch—it's so good:

The Killers have released a Christmas single every year for the past ten years, all benefiting Bono's (RED) foundation—a leader in the fight against AIDS. In 2016, they celebrated with a new single, “I'll Be Home For Christmas” and an entire compiling those previous 10 Christmas songs.

Not only that, but 100 percent of the proceeds from Don't Waste Your Wishes will go to (RED). You can grab the album—and the new single—exclusively on iTunes/Apple Music here. The Killers have raised one million dollars for (RED) since their first Christmas single. See all of the Killers' previous Christmas songs, compiled on this website, below.

Track listing:
1.“A Great Big Sled” feat. Toni Halliday
2. “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” feat. Ryan Pardey
3. “Joseph, Better You Than Me” feat. Elton John & Neil Tennant  
4. “¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!” feat. Wild Light and Mariachi El Bronx 
5. “Boots”
6. “The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball”
7. “Feel It In My Bones” feat. Ryan Pardey 
8. “Christmas In L.A.” feat. Dawes 
9. “Joel The Lump Of Coal” feat. Jimmy Kimmel
10. “Dirt Sledding” feat. Ryan Pardey & Richard Dreyfuss
11. “I'll Be Home For Christmas” feat. Ned Humphrey Hansen











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