At the end of August, the Maine will embark on a tour that is completely free of charge for those in attendance. Sounds crazy, right? Members of the band recently spoke with CNN on the concept behind the arduous endeavor. “This is our attempt to give back and say thank you to all the people who have supported us and come hear us play music,” shared frontman John O'Callaghan. “We've made some great friends all over the world and built relationships that go way beyond the concert-going experience.”

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The trek consists of 13 dates across the US, which as aforementioned, will be entirely free for all to attend. In order to actually create some revenue, however, the band will also be performing scattered club shows on days off. 

“There have been a lot of questions like, 'Do we need tickets?'” admitted O'Callaghan. “And it's kind of weird to say, 'No, just show up.’ I don't think it's been done before. I think that's what makes us so excited about it. And nervous.”

“It's definitely a risky thing,” adds Tim Kirch, the band's manager. “But I'm not going to put the band in a situation where they go broke over this tour. I think we'll come close to breaking even.”

The Maine will be out in support of their latest studio album, American Candy, which is out now on 8123. Watch their latest music video below.