[Photo by: Joseph Vulpis]

In support of their upcoming tour, New Jersey rockers the Moms have debuted their new EP, Songs From The Road. The 4-song EP consists of a collection of cover songs by bands that have a special meaning to the Moms, including a special, previously unreleased track by the Front Bottoms.

Give it a listen below!

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The Moms cover a variety of bands and equally amazing songs: The Front Bottoms’ “La La La (The Power of Supply)”, Trashkanistan’s “180 Grier on Nursery”, Half Raptor’s “Sadly, but Surely”, and Cheapshow’s “What, We Have Car Payments, We’re Just Going to Walk Away From our Financial Obligations?”. 

But the band’s Front Bottoms cover is really a special one on Songs From The Road.

“In 2010, when The Moms were just a twinkle in our eyes, I had reached out to The Front Bottoms trying to book them in my basement,” explains vocalist Joey Nester. “At the time, the Front Bottoms were still a local band that played places like The Meatlocker in Montclair, basements in New Brunswick, and simple street shows at Rutgers to people who were only just passing by. 

“The band responded to my email with a collection of demos that they had recorded. ‘The Power of Supply’ was among my favorites of these songs and I can’t believe that they had never put it on any of their later records—so we recorded it.”

The band have a new album in the works, and they’re about to head out on the road with Brick + Mortar. Check out the list of cities and dates below, and give a listen to their new EP here!

AUG 16   Gsas Gasa*  New Orleans, LA
AUG 17   The Masquerade*  Atlanta, GA
AUG 18   Cat's Cradle*  Carrboro, NC
AUG 19   DC9*  Washington, DC
AUG 20   Milkboy*  Philadelphia, PA
AUG 24   Asbury Park Brewery  Asbury Park, NJ  
AUG 25   Once Ballroom*  Somerville, MA
AUG 26   Sunnyvale*  Brooklyn, NY
SEP 23   The North Jersey Indie Rock Festival @ Cathedral Hall  Jersey City, NJ

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