Iconic melodic punk group the Movielife have officially reunited. While there aren't any plans for a new album or a huge tour as of yet, the band are playing a reunion show on February 7 at the Irving Plaza in New York City. In an interview with Noisey, frontman Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche) summed up the reunion saying, “We, as friends and lovers of music, have found that we would all like to play shows together again as The Movielife. We bear no news of a new record nor are we planning a six-month world tour. But I’ll tell you one thing: The Movielife is alive.”

You can read an excerpt from the rest of the interview below. Are you excited to see the band return?

The Movielife originally formed in 1997 and released three full-length albums before initially calling it quits in 2003. They did, however, perform in 2011 at the Best Buy Theater in New York, which marked the first time they had taken the stage in nearly eight years. 

Aside from the joy of playing crazy shows to smiling crowds, which is always a great feeling, and making people happy and making ourselves happy, we’re going to travel together. And that’s another thing. I’ve been traveling my ass off. Everyone else in the band has different lives. I think it’s going to be extremely recreational—it’s not just going to be, “Hey, let’s go to the airport.” I’d love to experience traveling together again. Our goals are very simple—let’s go play kick-ass shows and enjoy each other’s company, enjoy the crowd and enjoy the old tunes.