Tampa, FL's the Nearly Deads have signed with Standby Records, who will release their Zombie Survival Guide EP on August 20. Nashville-based producer Jon King (Augustana, 3 Pill Morning, Throwing Gravity) returned to work with the band since recording their previous EP. The band's 2011 music video for “Never Look Back” went viral, racking up almost 5 million views since its premiere.

Of the signing, the band said, “We were very excited when Neil (Sheehan, founder of Standby) initially approached us about signing with Standby Records. We are a driven band and we only work with people who have the same passion for our music as we do. After hearing everything Standby had to offer and their vision for our band, we were convinced that it was the right move. Standby respects all the hard work we've done as an independent band, and they respect our fans! We believe signing will help us reach a level that we could not reach on our own. They have a dedicated and talented team, and we look forward to working with them. We can't wait to take this journey, and we are so lucky to be a part of the Standby family!”