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The Osbournes return with a new weekly series

February 22, 2018
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[Photo by: MTV]

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon, along with their progeny Kelly and Jack, are bringing back MTV's hit reality show The Osbournes—sort of! The family will resurrect The Osbournes' straightforward spirit on a new podcast series.

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That's right, the heavy metal godfather and his lovable family will put their personal lives in the limelight once again, as noted by The Hollywood Reporter. Over a decade after the Osbourne clan's original reality TV series went off the air, The Osbournes Podcast will catch fans up on the current lives of rock 'n' roll's favorite relatives. Will you be tuning in?

Beginning March 5, the 10-episode podcast—led by Jack Osbourne as the de facto host—will feature guests such as comedian Sheryl Underwood, The Osbournes executive producer Greg Johnston and singer Carnie Wilson.

“There's been talk about bringing The Osbournes back, but it would never work,” Jack says. “I thought, 'Well, this is probably the next best thing.'” The son of Ozzy says it's “really quite awkward to watch” the original run of TV's The Osbournes, which aired on MTV from 2002 to 2005, but he promises that the new podcast find his family just as “open and honest about a lot of things… It's pretty candid.” A new episode will run every Monday after the premiere.

Coincidentally, The Osbournes Podcast's March 5 unveiling will mark the 16th anniversary of the show's debut on MTV.

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