The Plot In You are gearing up to release a new record called Happiness In Self Destruction on October 16 via StaySick Recordings, the label run by Attila's Chris Fronzak. The band just released a studio updated with clips from the new album, which you can check out below along with the album's tracklist. Pre-orders for the record can be snagged right here.

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Happiness In Self Destruction tracklist:

1. Hole In The Wall
2. Dear Old Friend
3. Take Me Away
4. Runaway
5. Pillhead
6. Better Vibes
7. My Old Ways
8. Die Like Your Brothers
9. Mind Controlled
10. Time Changes Everything
11. Living Your Dream
12. A Song About Myself
13. Forgive Me
14. Washed Up
15 . Happiness In Self Destruction