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The Purge movies just keep coming, and there is finally some concrete info about the TV series, too. Get ready to scream.

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If you're not familiar with The Purge, the series is based on a fictional 28th Amendment that allows all crimes to become legal for one night out of the year in efforts to reduce the crime rate for that year.

So, what are the other days of the year are like, leading up to and the aftermath of the yearly crime-free night? As ComicBook.com reports, NOLA confirms that the TV series of Purge will be a 10-episode long endeavor that gives us a look at the other days of the year.

The series is currently preparing to shoot in New Orleans—the entertainment source says production is set to begin in April, meaning we might be able to expect the series to debut before the end of the year. (!!!)

Not to mention, a new Purge movie is arriving in theaters July 4, a prequel to the other three movies that have been released. Check out the trailer for The First Purge below.

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