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Horror fans rejoice! The Purge TV series has finally started production.

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The forthcoming television series began filming earlier today, and per a report from Bloody-Disgusting, the series will be premiering on USA this coming fall.

In addition to the show airing on USA, the site noted that the premiere and finale episodes will also be simulcast on Syfy.

We recently found out that a Purge television series was expected to be hitting our screens for a 10-episode run slated to investigate what people in the films' dystopian universe is up to on other days of the year—you know, the ones where they aren't trying to kill anybody.

For those unfamiliar with the films, the Purge movies' premise focuses on a apocalyptic future when the U.S. government makes murder legal for just one day a year.

While we were completely stoked on finding out what the people in the films were up to on non-purge nights, it seemed a little odd to center it on other days since the film's main premise is what happens on the night of the infamous purge.

Our confusion was answered when we found out that the series’ writer and director, James DeMonaco, is planning on making the show take place mostly on purge nights with flashbacks of those people living their day-to-day lives.

“”We get to see who these people are when it’s not Purge Night and the events that led them to where they are on the particular Purge night that we are following. I think it’s a great device.”

We agree, and we’re beyond stoked to see the finished product.  

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