[Photo by: Shawn James/The Ready Set/Facebook]

The Ready Set have a new song out, and it's going to make you feel all sorts of nostalgic. They also announced a new EP, set to be released in March.

Listen to “Life In Pink,” and check out all of the details below.

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“It's about tagging along with somebody who sees the world in a really romanticized way,” Jordan Witzigreuter tells Billboard, which premiered the song. “Sort of doing whatever they want and falling in love with that recklessness.”

He also talked about putting out the first collection of songs as the Ready Set since 2016's I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love, after spending 2017 focusing on releasing singles.

“I wanted to get back to the way I've always done things,” Witzigreuter explains about the band's new direction.

The Ready Set's new EP, V1, is set to be released March 16.

Check out the song below:

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