We haven't heard new, original material from Bryce Avary, under the banner of the Rocket Summer, since Life Will Write The Words over three years ago, unless of course you want to count his 2013 Christmas EP. Today, however, Avary has launched a PledgeMusic campaign which offers pre-orders for a brand new album. No title has been revealed as of yet but based on some statements from the man himself, it would appear as though the album is already finished.

“This album is the most unique and different of any of my previous albums. I went into the studio knowing I was going to tear down any possible barriers that might have subconsciously been there and make a record that had no rules,” Avary explains via press release. “I'm proud of it. It's very alive. It's the most experimental and aggressive-sounding record I've ever made.” 

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On the campaign page, Avary adds, “I locked myself away for longer than ever to put my absolute everything into writing and recording an endless amount of new music that would push me further creatively than any of my previous albums. The result is an album that has it’s own special, unique sound that I couldn’t be more excited about and am so ready to share with you. I feel this is a new special chapter for TRS and I can’t wait to experience this with you guys. I’ve missed you all terribly while in the laboratory!”

Some perks available via the pre-orders include signed CDs, colored vinyl, signed setlists, lifelong guest list privileges, the chance to play cowbell live with TRS and plenty more options. Go check them out now and get your orders in. There's also a video that features Bryce Avary explaining what went into the album and what fans can expect.

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