The Smiths might actually be reuniting this time…definitely maybe

October 1, 2012
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It feels like every three months another swirl of Smiths reunion rumors come and go with the internet eating up every last second of it–and this time may be no different–but this morning, Holy Moly posted a story stating that a Smiths reunion was a “done deal” for 2013 and that they have more than two confirmed, but anonymous, sources on the matter. They go on to state there will be four dates with one of them being Glastonbury, which Holy Moly presumes would be the Saturday date on the Pyramid stage.

But even Holy Moly admits their sources are conflicting–one says all four members will reunite, the other says three (assuming there are still unresolved issues with Mike Joyce)–and Jonny Marr seems to indicate he has no idea what's going on. UK rapper Mike Skinner (aka The Streets) tweeted about the rumors, saying “They're playing the Smiths in Starbucks. Is that coz [sic] 75% of them are getting back together for Glastonbury?”

We've been through this before and a celebrity gossip site isn't exactly the holy grail of reliable news, but there you have it. When the rumors in April happened, Marr was quick to quash any validity of them, but five months may have changed the ball-game, especially considering the recent reveal from Morrissey that the band were offered a 100% vegetarian Coachella if he reunited with Marr as the Smiths.

Hell, at one point this year, Marr said that the Smiths will reuinte if the British government step down.

Take it for what you will, and we might be seeing the gloom-pop kings return. Might.

Written by Matthew Colwell