Starting today, you can pre-order the brand new Steam Machine, complete with a Steam controller, Steam Link streamer, and Alienware’s Linux-based gaming PC. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo better watch out. 

If ordered immediately, the Steam Machine will arrive at your door by October 16, almost a month before the console hits stores. 

The Steam Machine controller

Photo via Gizmodo

The Steam controller will be sold for 50 dollars, featuring the anticipated wireless gamepad that utilizes touchpads to emulate a keyboard and mouse.

Steam Link: device used for streaming games

Photo via Gizmodo

The Steam Link, also 50 dollars, is used to stream games from your existing gaming PC to a TV across the house. 

The last component to the new gaming experience, the Alienware Steam Machine, will be sold for 450 dollars and up. According to Gizmodo, it’s a tiny Linux-based game console that’s way more powerful than a Xbox or PlayStation.

Pre-orders are available for purchase on Steam's website. Make sure to get your hands on this new gaming experience before everyone else does.