Fans of the Story So Far— it’s time to get excited. Producer Sam Pura posted a photo on Instagram saying he’s in the studio with the band, working on album number four.

“Me and @thestorysofarca are going to be best friends with this console and studio for the next 4 weeks!!!” he says.

Check out the update in full below!

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Pura, who has worked with the band on the last three records, explains that they are taking the recording up north, rather than at his California-based Panda Studios.

“It's the 4th record. It's time for a scenery and vibe change. We've made every record at Panda. It's our home and so close to home it's almost too convenient,” Pura says in reply to user @walker.atkinson_.

“So with this we have no distractions or commutes. Just fully immersed and committed to this for the next 4 weeks.”

He also tagged producer Garth “GGGarth” Richardson, Canada-based The Farm Studios and recording engineer Karl Dicaire, who are all likely having a part in the new record.

The Story So Far's self-titled was released back in 2015. Their debut record, Under Soil And Dirt, was released in 2011, and What You Don't See was released in 2013.

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