The Summer Set have announced an unconventional headlining tour dictated completely by fans.

Fittingly named the “Made For You” tour, fans picked the dates and will also decide on the set list. Check out how it's working and how you can still contribute to the tour's design below.

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Step one was picking dates. Fans voted for where they want the Summer Set to play, giving cities that are missed on the typical tour routing a chance to get a show. Fans had three days to acquire as many votes possible for their city, and the top 22 cities were eventually chosen.

Here's how the voting looked:

Over 20,000 people voted in the contest, and fans subsequently broke the Summer Set's website when tickets went on sale. Here are the dates, which features the top 22 cities based on the fan vote:

General admission tickets and VIP upgrades are on sale here.

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Step 2 is deciding on a set list, which you can still do. Monitor the band's Twitter for details about the set list voting.  

What do you think? Do you like this tour's setup? Let us know in the comments!

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