In the latest issue of AP, Summer Set frontman Brian Dales reveals that the band initially broke up in September of 2015. “This is the first time I’ve had this conversation with anybody about it, and I can’t even believe what is coming out of my mouth,” he says. “We were ready to hang it up. This is definitely the album that almost wasn’t,” referring to the band’s upcoming LP, Stories For Monday.

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Read an excerpt from Dales’ interview below and check out the entire piece in AP 332, which is on sale now.

“We were starting to talk about finishing [Stories For Monday], but we all still felt like we were a couple of songs short, like we didn’t have a quote-unquote ‘single.’ We had a song that was supposed to come out and a tour that we were going to co-headline in the spring, and it didn’t really feel like we wanted to do any of it. So we sat down as a band to figure out where to go. This weird thing happened: We sat down and started acknowledging that we felt like we had run our course.”

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