Here's something that you didn't think you needed until now: Taco Bells in the Philippines are now serving Cheetos Quesadillas, as Kotaku reports.

Yes—cheesy quesadillas filled with cheesy Cheetos. Check out the gooey goodness below.

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Earlier this year, Taco Bell—who already feature Doritos on their menu—began testing Cheetos Burritos in the U.S. Previously, Taco Bell Canada Cheetos Crunchwrap Sliders on their menu.

Some more weird food stories: Originally started in Japan, in 2015, America saw the release of the infamous “goth” burger just before Halloween. Then, Doritos launched their vampire-inspired black chips in Japan just after a Japanese burger chain announced their crazy Ghostbusters-themed menu.

And some customer feedback:


Enjoying my Cheetos Quesadilla here at the exclusive media event of Taco Bell. #TacoBell #CheetosQuesadilla #Tacos #foodie #foodporn

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Now, the real question is: when will this holy combination of the snack gods hit the U.S.? Hopefully, sooner than later.