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Known for his peculiarly gothic themes, Tim Burton's creations have brought joy out of darkness for so many.

And now you can experience his ideas come to life at a new LA bar, reports DoLA.

Following its orginal predecessor in New York, Beetle House LA will open its doors on May 20, making it the first of its kind on the west coast.

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While the restaurant and bar is not directly affiliated with Burton or his films, its owners have been guided by their infuence.

You can order drinks like “Alice's Cup o' Tea” and dishes like “Edward Burger Hands,” and the venue even features live actors who fit many of Burton's characterizations.

Beetle House NY was originally opened by childhood friends Zach Neil and Brian Link last April, and now one year later they're taking their model to Hollywood Boulevard.

Co-founder Zach Neil elaborated on the concept, visualizing it as place for people “to be as freaky as they want to be.”

“The idea was simple, create a space where people who love Halloween, horror films, Gothic, dark and moody music can gather for a meal and drinks. Sports bars are great if you are into sports, but what about the rest of us? Imagine a place with the same enthusiasm as a big time sports bar but instead everyone is celebrating, films, music and art? That is the type of places I want to create. A safe space where it really feels like Halloween all year round and people can come, enjoy good food, good drinks, listen to good music and feel completely comfortable to be as freaky as they want to be. This would be my home for the freaks, weirdos and grown up goth kids of the city.” 

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The duo ultimately hope the director himself will stop in for a bite to eat, noting he likely spends more time in LA than NYC.

Although the official opening is still a month away, Beetle House LA is already taking reservations that are expected to sell quickly, so book yours soon!


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