The Wonder Years are continuing to tease, and this time around it has something to do with coordinates…

Safe to say, fans are already on the hunt.

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Earlier this week, fans started receiving mail and unlabeled seven-inch records with a spoken word poem in a bunch of different languages—as well as a new Wonder Years song. (!!!)

According to Genius, the band's new song is called “We Look Like Lightning,” and fans are theorizing that the band's new album is called Sister Cities. They even have what appears to be the album's track listing:

The band had yet to comment—until today. They released a new message, along with a link to a site: “I left pins on a map. I’m handing you the string. Tie them together. Unite us…,” they shared.

The site is asking for a password, which is likely on the special art that's been placed at the different coordinates. It's essentially a massive scavenger hunt, and fans are all about it.

What's going on—and what exactly do these passwords unlock? We'll just have to wait to find out!

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