There for Tomorrow 2014

10 years ago today, There For Tomorrow released their iconic album, A Little Faster. The title track was featured in the movie Ben 10: Alien Swarm and featured in various commercials and video for Nerf’s vortex in 2011. The album contains many timeless classics that are still receiving an insane amount of streams today, so needless to say, fans would be more than OK with an anniversary tour of this masterpiece.

Now, There For Tomorrow have taken to Facebook to tease a special announcement coming soon. Could we be getting an anniversary tour?

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The band shared a heartfelt post on Facebook in regards to their second full-length’s anniversary.

They concluded the post with a tease that sent fans into a frenzy.

“10 years ago today, we released our album #ALittleFaster This was an important record for us. So it’s simply incredible to see these songs continue to resonate & grow with new/old fans. Thank you all for the decade of support 🖤 Stayed tuned. We’ll be announcing something special soon.”

Drummer Chris Kamrada, who is now the current drummer for Dashboard Confessional, also took to social media to tease about what was in store.

“10 years ago today, we released this baby. This was such an important record for us. So it’s actually incredible to see these songs continue to resonate & grow with new/old fans. It’s even crazier to watch it get millions of plays every year. I mean.. we wrote/recorded these songs as teenagers 👀 Nothing but love to my brothers Maika Maile, Christian Climer, and Jay Enriquez. I can’t wait for what’s in store. Until then, thank you all for the decade of support. There For Tomorrow

A TFT reunion doesn’t seem so far-fetched considering Kamrada teased the possibility back in April.

If you need a little TFT refresher, you can check out the title track’s official music video below.

The band originally broke up in November of 2014. During that time, the band released an official statement, labeling their final EP Nightscape as a farewell ode to their friends and family.

Do you think we’ll get an anniversary tour of the album? Sound off in the comments below!

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