On if there will be a new Asking Alexandria album this year, frontman Danny Worsnop says: “I would say no.”

In a new interview with That's Not Metal podcast, the singer confirms the band have been working on new material, but he hasn't “even set foot in the studio yet.”

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Worsnop continues, saying that he's written a couple songs. This is the first time he's been fully involved with the writing since the first record. He emphasizes that when the new music comes, it will be heavy.

He also mentioned that the band do not want to play any songs from the Asking Alexandria album recorded with former singer Denis Stoff, The Black.

“I wasn't mentally able to do it any more. It was a poisonous environment, it was fist fights every single day,” Worsnop says about his initial departure from Asking Alexandria in 2015. “Nobody liked each other.”

Worsnop just released his solo country album, The Long Road Home, via Earache Records.

Listen to interview below. Worsnop comes in at 5:45.

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