Some brilliant souls have decided to make a documentary about the Matches, and it looks like it's gonna be amazing.

The movie is called Bleeding Audio, and it's all about the Matches, their career and break up, and about how they’ve been able to navigate the digital age of music with their reunion.

Chelsea Christer wrote, filmed and interviewed for the film. Here's what she had to say:

I started on this project around two years ago when The Matches first announced their 10 year reunion of E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals. I work as a freelance producer/director that specializes in doc-styled work, and the guys are dear friends of mine. So when they told me about this reunion, I offered to do some videos to help market the–at the time–single show they were planning on doing. While I was interviewing them for these videos, I ended up getting captivated by their known history, and the stories no one has heard that were coming out in these interviews. What were supposed to be these short, 30 min interviews turned into hours of me just asking them more and more questions. It was then I knew they had a bigger story to tell, and I decided to develop it into a feature-length documentary. 

What's come out of these last two years on Bleeding Audio has been amazing. This film is not just about The Matches' history and their insanely successful reunion, but it's also about their experience with the changing music industry and how it affects us all. The community that surrounds these guys, and the connection that music creates between people is a subject that we ended up exploring a lot more, and it's been really inspiring. 

We are done filming for the documentary, and now we are fundraising for post production–which is the life of doc filmmaker, I suppose! Haha. We have all the pieces, we just need to finish the beast! Once we are able to finish, we're looking to submit to film festivals in the fall, and start premiering next spring. 

And if that somehow wasn't enough, the movie also features interviews with Kevin Lyman, Tom Higgenson of the Plain White T's, Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack and more. 

Bleeding Audio is in post-production and is currently being finalized for release to film festivals and more, and seeking to premiere officially in the spring. You can keep up with the progress on the movie's official website

Check out a teaser trailer for the documentary below! Are you excited for Bleeding Audio? Let us know in the comments.