Have you ever left a show and had ringing in your ears, temporary hearing loss or a massive headache? Here’s a solution: Doppler Labs has developed these mechanical earplugs, Dubs, which maintain acoustic quality while lowering the sound level to protect your ears.

The company says on their website, “It's a question we asked ourselves and the answer was simple: earplugs are awkward, look bad and muffle sound. We wanted ear plugs that didn't protrude out of your ears – making them embarrassing to wear at a club or a sports event – and didn't get in the way of your listening experience.”

According to TechCrunch, Dubs are made from 17 mechanical pieces and reduce volume by an average of 12 decibels. They’re sold online and in Best Buy for $25/each.

TC’s Jordan Cook had a chance to review Dubs and wrote, “I noticed that I could still hear the high “tsss” of the snare drum, the pin-like laser notes, while the bass felt comfortable and still powerful underneath.” After taking them out, he said the club sounded “overwhelming.”

Check them out, and let us know your thoughts