“They always say no”—Taking Back Sunday on touring with Brand New

March 25, 2014
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Reddit AMAs have been paying out some pretty good information lately (see: Thrice). Yesterday, during the Taking Back Sunday AMA, a fan asked the band about their relationship with Brand New (of course). Drummer Mark O’Connell surprisingly replied that their booking agent has actually tried to set up a Brand New and TBS tour, but “they always say no.”

You can check out the full question and answer below:

Fan: How is your relationship with Brand New? How often do guys, as a band, disagree about aspects of your music while recording?

Mark O’Connell: We have no relationship with them. Our booking agent has tried to get to get us a tour together but they always say no. When writing songs together there is always going to be some sort of disagreements. But we fight way less then ever.

For those who don’t remember (or those young enough to have missed it), Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey was originally (briefly) a member of Taking Back Sunday. The subsequent BN/TBS feud was a very big thing, allegedly going back and forth in songs like Taking Back Sunday’s “There’s No ‘I’ In Team” and Brand New’s “Seventy Times 7.” It's all ancient history now, really.

How badly would you like to see this tour, though?

Taking Back Sunday’s new album, Happiness Is, is out now via Hopeless Records. Watch the band’s latest music video for “Stood A Chance” below.

Written by Matt Crane