NBC has a new report stating that thick-framed, “hipster” eyewear is even making waves behind bars as a growing trend for defendants on trial:

“Prosecutors asked a witness if the gentlemen on trial usually sported the glasses. The witness said they did not. One prosecutor compared the glasses to masks, saying, 'They’re designed to confuse the witness and influence the jury.'

Defense attorneys scoffed at the notion their clients were putting on a 'schoolboy act,' as one prosecutor called it, and said the glasses are merely 'part of the professional look.'

Donning a pair of spectacles while on trial seems to be a new trend in courtroom accessories, with one lawyer even calling it the 'nerd defense,' according to Esquire.com. Attorneys say that they sometimes supply the glasses to their clients, or inmates trade them before hearings. The frames are also known to be dropped off before a defendant’s court date during jailhouse visits by friends and family.”