We’ve been stuck with Pokémon Go—the latest and most disappointing in a long line of Pokémon spinoffs that include actually great games like Pokémon Stadium, Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Conquest—for the past few months, but the wait for a proper game is over.

Pokémon Sun and Moon takes players to the far-off land of Alola, a region that wants to remind us of how much more fun the world would be if we were never more than five minutes away from a beach.

Can you tell that it’s based of Hawaii? Between this game and Moana, the islands in the Pacific are getting a whole lot of love this winter.

Game Freak added several quality of life changes, a new way to pet your Pocket Monsters, and a whole new set of antagonists who make you question humanity and what can go wrong when we lost sight of our morals. Here are five things to look out for in Pokémon Sun and Moon:

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This Lady Who’s Getting Stalked by A Slowpoke

There must be a way for her to file for a Restraining Pokéorder.

Slowpoke can be incredibly cute, but that doesn’t mean they should chase after any random person they take a liking to. It may take them a while to catch up, but that just makes a Slowpoke stalker sound like a dopey version of the monster from It Follows.

This Game May Have the Best Soundtrack Yet

This is the perfect music to listen to while wearing a Hawaiian shirt and drinking a margarita.

Pokémon soundtracks just don’t get enough recognition. They’re always amazing, especially when you need something to listen to while working, and Sun and Moon is no exception. The music is the perfect for a game that could feature Jimmy Buffet as a boss.