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This new Why Don’t We song may sound familiar to Smashing Pumpkins fans

Smashing Pumpkins fans have a lot of thoughts about the boy band's new song.

December 18, 2020
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This week, the boy band Why Don’t We debuted their new song “Slow Down.” However, the pop track has quickly caught the attention of Smashing Pumpkins fans for a specific reason.

As it turns out, the boy band sampled a Smashing Pumpkins classic in their new song and listeners aren’t too happy about it.

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When Why Don’t We debuted their new song “Slow Down” this week, it soon began to spread online. Why? Well, Smashing Pumpkins fans heard something awfully familiar on the new track. As it turns out, Why Don’t We sampled the classic “1979” on their new song.

Why Don’t We’s Daniel Seavey shares that “1979” is such a classic and universal song that the band had to use it in “Slow Down.”

‘1979’ is such a beautiful song,” Seavey says. “It’s so universal. Anyone can listen and enjoy it. When we were writing ‘Slow Down,’ we wanted to make it just as special. The song is personal and easy to listen to all at the same time. It’s nostalgic and new all at once.”

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However, Why Don’t We may have taken the sampling a bit too far. While sampling other artists’ work is very common these days, the boy band’s new song is more or less a complete lift of the 1995 hit. Although the lyrics are different and a few beats have been added, “Slow Down” basically features the original instrumental found on “1979.”

Naturally, Smashing Pumpkins fans have flocked to social media to share their opinions on the sampling.

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Although Why Don’t We most likely got clearance to sample the Mellon Collie track, Smashing Pumpkins may not have had this in mind when agreeing to it. Since the release of “Slow Down,” neither Why Don’t We or Smashing Pumpkins have commented on listeners’ reactions.

Both “Slow Down” and “1979” are available to stream below.

What are your reactions to Why Don’t We’s new song? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Rachael Dowd