This Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory has returned, and the internet is freaking out

May 15, 2017
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Marking the 14th anniversary of her massive single, “Complicated,” the internet has resurrected the conspiracy theory that claims Avril Lavigne is dead, and the internet is freaking out.

Check out the whole conspiracy below!

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The theory, explained in massive detail by Twitter user @Givenchyass, states that Lavigne died in 2003, and it’s her look-alike that has been living in her place since then.

She starts relatively simply, talking more about the artist's background and how she had a look-alike pose for paparazzi in her place when she got overwhelmed by the attention following her first record.

However, the conspiracy gets darker when it says she ended up taking her own life in 2003 after her grandfather passed away.

And instead of letting the recordings from her second album go, they decided to release them—and let Melissa do the promo for it.

“she was at the peak of her career, so it is said that instead of letting the news of her dying go into the media, they used her look alike to live on the rest of 'avril lavigne's' life as her. they already had avril's recordings of her second album so they decided to release it. 'they' referring to her record company. her second album was released, and it was actually avril's voice so they didn't worry about melissa having to sing just yet.”

She continued to share other background that Twitter users had shared, specifically regarding her change in appearance that just seems off…

While this seems unreal, the internet can actually see the potential… and we’re freaking out, too:

And if you want to read the conspiracy theory in full, give it a read here.

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Written by Maggie Dickman