Whether you loved it or hated it, I think we can all agree that Linkin Park's new single “Heavy” is definitely a different sound than we're used to from the band.

What if “Heavy” was released with Hybrid Theory or Meteora? Bloodywood showed us and it's simply amazing. Check out the cover below!

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The New Delhi-based band begins their video with a simple message for Linkin Park writing, “Thank you LP, for being our “gateway drug” into metal. But your new song sucks,” before hopping right into the cover that'll take you back to the early 2000s.

Bloodywood writes on their Facebook that they “make metal versions of shitty pop songs!” They've done covers of everything from Rebecca Black to the Weeknd adding their own unique twist to each song.

Linkin Park released “Heavy” on Feb. 16 as the first single from their seventh album, One More Light

One More Light will be released on May 19 and can be preordered here.

Listen to what “Heavy” would have sounded like 15 years ago below!