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The online/app dating world, at this point, is pretty standard. You got Tinder on your phone, various websites on your browser.

However, a 29-year-old banker-turned-comedian has developed exactly what the virtual dating sphere needed: Hater, an app that matches you with people based on what they hate.

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According to the Huffington Post, Hater launched this past December in beta. It officially released today.

You don't have to only swipe left or right: On Hater, you can swipe in four directions, depending on your affinity toward a certain concept, like zombie movies.

[Photo credit: Huffington Post]

Currently, there are 2,000 topics to swipe about, but Hater and co. are looking to add more user-created content soon. Topics range from the silly (“biting ice cream”) to the political (“Vladimir Putin”) to the sexual (“butt selfies”).

The idea came from a comedy sketch by creator and CEO, Brendan Alper.

For those who spend WAY too much time deciding what to message your match, Hater makes it easy by offering Mad Libs, fill-in-the-blank, pre-made messages.

[Photo credit: Huffington Post]

So, do you hate slow walkers, paying extra for guacamole and/or Trump? Fortunately, you can now commiserate with someone on Hater.

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