[Photo credit: Spinbox]

Vinyl records are having a moment once again, and in addition to playing your records vertically (or somehow in a levitating manner), you can now play them on a one-of-a-kind DIY turntable, made by Spinbox. (via NME)

See how you can make it yourself below!

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The cardboard turntable essentially keeps it to the bare basics, sending you all the tech you’d need to create your own player, leaving you to piece it together. According to the brand’s site, you should only need 18 minutes to put it together.

The site explains that it has a built-in amplifier and speakers, making it an all-in-one design that saves you the trouble of having to buy additional specialized equipment. They also boast that it’s lightweight and easy to carry—all you need is a portable charger and you can connect your own speakers.

The international crowdfunding campaign is set to launch soon.

Check out the video about how it works below to see if it's a DIY you'd be willing to try yourself!

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