Tonight, Good Charlotte are performing their comeback show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, California and we’re going to be live-reporting it! You will be able to find all of the night’s happenings below. #WelcomeBackGC

UPDATE: And that's a wrap! #WelcomeBackGC


UPDATE: For any kid who got picked last in gym class…


For any kid who got picked last in gym class…

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UPDATE: Further confirmation!


UPDATE: John Feldmann just crowd surfed!


UPDATE: “Hold On”


HOOOOLLLLLDDDDDD OOOOONNNNNNNN @goodcharlotteband @benjaminmadden @joelmadden

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UPDATE: #WelcomeBackGC


The homies absolutely resurrecting at the #troubadour #goodcharlotte

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UPDATE: “Girls & Boys”


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UPDATE: “Don't wanna be just like you!”


#TheAnthem @goodcharlotteband

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UPDATE: Absolutely rockin' it.


@goodcharlotteband singing their jams! #thetroubadour

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UPDATE: More epic video:


Show 4.5 of 5 this week. This one gets a video. @mbrophy24 @goodcharlotte

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UPDATE: And playing!


UPDATE: They're on the stage!


UPDATE: Wait, what?!


UPDATE: Kreayshawn is ready to get her emo on:





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UPDATE: Opening act Waterparks showing Cali what they're all about!


Our lil bros Waterparks crushing it at their first show in California! ����

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UPDATE: The Downtown Fiction's Wes Dimond is getting ready!


UPDATE: A view from the stage:


The view from the stage at the troubadour. #welcomebackgc #goodcharlotte

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UPDATE: #WelcomeBackGC


#WelcomeBackGC #soldout #troubadour #MDDN #goodcharlotte

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UPDATE: The merch fever is real:


Work for the night. Can't complain.

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UPDATE: “The River” is happening. Maybe we will see some special guests?


UPDATE: Hey, Troubadour! Are you ready to rock?!


#welcomebackgc thanks @joshmadden xo @goodcharlotteband

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UPDATE: This fan is stoked!


UPDATE: Rehearsals are underway!


UPDATE: Good Charlotte drummer Dean Butterworth looking forward to tonight's show: