Parrot-fronted grindcore band Hatebeak will release their first new music in eight years, Number Of The Beak, on June 26. 

Hatebeak are the brainchild of Blake Harrison (Pig Destroyer) with Mark Sloan (the Index) and Waldo, a 21-year-old African Grey parrot. They have refused to perform publicly for fear of traumatizing Waldo. (Can you imagine his reaction to a circle pit?)

When asked what recording sessions with Waldo look like, the band responded with:

Waldo is quite talkative and has always responded to music in general. We can tell he likes metal because he stands on one leg when he's happy. This happens anytime we play Carcass, Left Hand Path by Entombed, pretty much anything from the early Earache catalog (except Scorn). He's also a big Tomas Skogsberg fan. No Scott Burns, though, he gets cranky and soils his cage if we play Deicide or Obituary. He gets very hyper and talkative when we play music he likes and we usually record his outbursts following an extended listening period. We take the best parts and track them with the rest of the music.

Number Of The Beak will be issued on CD, cassette and limited vinyl runs. Pre-orders will go live June 1. In the meantime, listen to some tracks from Number Of The Beak below.