New York's JimmyTheLoch has served time in the slam poetry scene and Grind Time's hip hop battle league, but his solo work remains his true calling. On the rapper's latest album (self-produced with Izzy Man), a garage-sale-goldmine of vintage video games inspire its thirteen tracks, hence it's pun-in-cheek title: the Cartridge Family.

You can download the album for free (or more) on Bandcamp. Here's a track by track rundown of the games sampled and some singles to preview:

“A Grand Entrance” – Sephiroth's music from Final Fantasy VII
“Blocks” – Tetris

“Cardboard Mask” – Battletoads
“Room With A Snake” – Chrono Trigger

“Double Jump” – Ninja Gaiden
“No Ashes” – Mega Man 2
“Super Mario Flopez” – Super Mario Brothers (Underground Theme)
“Test Fate” – Super Mario World (Bowser)
“Maniac Mansion” – Maniac Mansion 
“Ego Death” – Resident Evil: Retribution

His previous two LPs, 2009's A Blot On The Landscape and 2011's A Cult Following, are both available on Bandcamp as well.