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Threatin perform a year later with weird mannequins, blow-up dolls, more

November 2, 2019
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If you remember the drama surrounding fake band Threatin, you’re going to love how they made their onstage comeback.

The band booked a show exactly one year after the initial show that caught them attention at the Underworld in London again and some people actually showed up.

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To backtrack, the Los Angeles rock band faked their own fanbase to get a European tour which no one attended last November. They created fake live videos, paid for fans and eventually faced multiple lawsuits from the hired members.

Jered Threatin, who schemed the entire thing up, started teasing an art performance styled show for their return and says he’s created multiple fake bands now.

A couple of dozen people showed up for the gig last night with mostly journalists in attendance. According to NME, when the first band hit the stage 20 or so people were there and when speaking with the venue’s booker, Charlie, the amount of tickets sold couldn’t be revealed.

“There’s definitely people in the building. It’s not a busy night, but it’s not going to be empty,” says Charlie. “Even today they were about an hour late, so staff have been thinking ‘oh it’s happening again, only this time he just won’t show up.’”

One man who attended the show after following the story last year told the publication he is “a bit disappointed so many people are here – we thought it might just be us at the back.”

As the band got ready to take the stage, a makeshift black curtain goes up and an audio clip of journalists speaking plays and morphs into a message about fake news.

The music plays out over the PA and the curtain drops revealing animatronic mannequins wearing t-shirts that read “Fake Band” while holding cardboard instruments.

Towards the end of the track, Jered finally turned up along with a backing band wearing shirts reading “not real.”

He tells the crowd “You are all invisible” as the song ends and doesn’t speak to the crowd for the remainder of the 45-minute set. During other tracks, the frontman kept a joke going where he points the microphone to a mannequin, goes to take it back and sing but stops himself. That carried on numerous times throughout, but he also brought up a blow-up doll with a BBC News shirt that he mimes receiving fellatio from.

The show gets even better though, as it was riddled with technical errors. The mics kept cutting out and the ridiculous backdrop started to fall down at one point. Jered then ended the set by tearing up the stage, ripping up the banners and decapitating the mannequins. He did a mock bow as he exited.

Someone filmed the entire set so if you want to see for yourself check it out below.

What do you think of Threatin’s return? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Joe Smith-Engelhardt