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Especially in 2020, we have all been exposed to a lot of TikTok videos. From the “WAPdance challenge to those ominous videos about Aug. 27, the internet has given us plenty of content this year.

However, a few videos that recently emerged on TikTok have sparked an ongoing debate across the web – are vampires actually real?

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Over the past week, a few videos uploaded to TikTok are intriguing some and confusing others. TikTok user @in_the_nic_of_time recently posted a video claiming that he is the missing Salvatore brother from The Vampire Diaries. In his TikTok, he unveils his vampire fangs to the 7.8 million that have watched the video so far.

@in_the_nic_of_timeCall me a Salvatore brother 🤷🏽‍♂️ ##trend ##vampire ##tvd ##WalmartSyncAlong ##notviral♬ purrrr – tatum

Nic Suarez’s video has left many people scratching their heads, wondering if his vampire fangs are actually real. Since the release of his TikTok, Suarez has gone on to share a few other vampire-related videos.

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He further explains how his “vampirism” influences his speed, eyes and fangs. As well, he showed viewers why he never goes out into the sun.

@in_the_nic_of_timeReply to @rosenotalaidy Answering some questions 😃 ##vampire ##tvd ##trend ##WalmartSyncAlong ##notviral♬ Theme from The Vampire Diaries – The Academy Studio Orchestra

@in_the_nic_of_timeReply to @pineapple._.zr So what do ya’ll wanna see next? ##vampire ##tvd ##trend ##DiceRoll ##WalmartSyncAlong ##notviral♬ Theme from The Vampire Diaries – The Academy Studio Orchestra

He even showed off his apparent super vampire strength and lifted up his car.

@in_the_nic_of_timeReply to @haii_mirae I’ve been working out🕺 ##vampire ##tvd ##trend ##IntroVideo ##HolidayVibes ##notviral♬ Theme from The Vampire Diaries – The Academy Studio Orchestra

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Soon after the release of his first video, Suarez received a few TikTok responses that are further confusing the internet. @honey_comb_cos responded to Suarez’s video, claiming she was unaware it was okay for vampires to reveal their fangs. Then, she showed off her own set of fangs in a video that has been watched over 13 million times.

“I thought we were keeping that a secret,” she says.

@honey_comb_cos##stitch with @in_the_nic_of_time♬ original sound – 🍯Honey🍯

Then, @iamminni1610 responded to @honey_comb_cos’s video and showed off their fangs, creating a vampire TikTok inception we weren’t expecting in 2020.

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@iamminni1610##duet with @honey_comb_cos nah baby we been out here ##vampire♬ original sound – 🍯Honey🍯

The videos have left many wondering just how the TikTokers managed to edit their fangs and vampire traits into the videos. However, some are just convinced that vampires do truly exist.

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However, others argue that the TikTokers are just using retractable fangs to bring their vampire traits to life onscreen.

Do you think vampires are real? What are your reactions to the TikTok videos? Do you think they are just using retractable fangs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.