Tinder users can now share music from Spotify in chat

And, if they share some music you don't like, just unmatch them.

January 16, 2019
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Everybody knows that the thing that matters most when looking for a partner is that they share your taste in music. We’re just joking (are we?), but liking similar artists is usually a great way to start a conversation with someone, and a new Tinder feature is here to help you out with that.

The dating app is testing out a new feature that lets users share clips of songs from Spotify on chat. That way, you’ll know if you’re compatible… and, if they share something you hate, jist unmatch them.

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If you ever dated or listened to music in the last five years or so, it’s almost impossible you haven’t used Tinder or Spotify. So, having integrating the two platforms sounds like a great, and obvious, move.

Of course, Tinder users have been able to showcase their music taste on the app since 2016, which includes sharing their most-listened artists on Spotify and their “Anthem,” a song that defines them.

Now, the two apps are taking the partnership one step further, reports Tech Crunch. The apps are testing a new feature that lets Tinder users share music via Spotify in chats.

The dating app added a green icon in the chat, which allows users to look for songs they want to share with their matches. They can only share a 30-second clip—but that might be enough to deliver the message.

According to Tech Cruch, the integration has had good results so far.

“Users who update their ‘Anthem’ are most likely to start a conversation via Feed,” a Tinder spokesperson explained. “With this in mind, we’re testing the ability to share music with a match while chatting on Tinder.”

There’s no information about when the feature will be available to all users yet.

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