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Tom DeLonge released animation for his latest children’s book

The animation for 'Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes' is also narrated by DeLonge.

January 28, 2019
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Tom Delonge dropped the animated version of his new children’s book Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes.

The animation, which features narration by Angels & Airwaves frontman, is about 5 minutes long and was animated by Zach Passero. The book’s illustrations, included in the animation, were done by Ryan Jones. 

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DeLonge explained his writing process with the release of the animation and how the story came to be.

“Children’s books are fun because they’re similar to songwriting — they’re short pieces of poetry that rhyme,” DeLonge says in a statement. “I thought it would be funny to write a children’s book about a man running around looking for his clothing. I actually started writing this one long before I published my first children’s book, ‘The Lonely Astronaut,’ but I would up losing it.”

 “I never imagined that the book would’ve turned out as good as it did, but Ryan’s fun and rich artwork married perfectly with my sense of humor,” he continues. “Then Zach Passero and his incredible animation skills entered the picture and we wound up making something that I think is really special.”

He released the book last November. The first 200 copies sold came with a free pair of “instant underpants.”

Also, the musician is currently working on developing his mystery graphic novel Strange Times with TBS.

In other news, DeLonge recently shared his thoughts on mermaids and mermen on Twitter, which was pretty amusing.

“Mermen are def real. Mermaids are fiction but Mermen are the supernatural leaders of our world,” DeLonge wrote on Twitter. “Pure in heart, strength through love and wisdom like a blazing glorious sunset. 

Anyway, you can purchase the book here and check out the animation below.

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Written by Alex Darus