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Tom DeLonge, a man with an apparent penchant for government conspiracy theories, took to Twitter this week to air his opinions about the recent controversy facing the presidency.

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As pointed out by Noisey, the musician and science fiction author has been blowing up the internet of late with his self-described “prophecies” about a proposed impeachment of President Trump, and making his theories known on the current allegations of Russian ties to the White House. It all started on Sunday, with Tom prophesying that an “indictment is coming” to impeach Trump. DeLonge also tweeted his belief that Trump has “worked with Russian spies” and that the “entire adminstration” would soon falter.

Tom says the supposed corruption is “bigger than 911.”

He predicted an important statement from President Trump for Friday.

DeLonge states that “the prophecy is coming” regarding impeachment.

With all this prophecy flying around, are we witnessing the birth of… “Tomstradamus”? As longtime Blink-182 fans are aware, ol’ Tom has been calling out the top brass since the turn of the millennium. WE REALLY NEED TO SEE THIS THROUGH.

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What do you think about Tom’s Twitter predictions?

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