Tom Morello

Tom Morello received quite a bit of backlash from fans after a video surfaced of him throwing a fan’s phone into the crowd. The fan was one of many joining Morello onstage, but his attempt at trying to take a selfie with him while performing resulted in his cell phone making a stage dive.

Morello has since responded to a few fans that disagreed with his actions, reminding them that he gives fans onstage a fair warning about cell phone usage in his face.

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At the end of the night of the Tinley Park show, Morello brought some fans onstage to close out his set. He asked those onstage not to put a cell phone in his face so they could enjoy the moment.

One fan didn’t seem to get the memo, attempting to take a selfie with Morello while he was playing.

Morello then grabs the fan’s phone, chucking it into the crowd without missing a beat.

A lot of fan’s supported Morello’s decision to toss the phone, but there were quite a few who disagreed with the move.

Now, Morello has responded to the backlash explaining why he threw the fan’s phone in the first place.

“When you invite guests to YOUR stage and CLEARLY TELL THEM “if you stick a cell phone in my face I WILL THROW IT” and then their uncontrollable entitled selfie urges overcome their sense of reason they get their f*ckin phones thrown. Simple.”

He also goes on to note that the person did end up getting their phone back unharmed.

“LOVE having fans onstage, do it every show! If u wanna film instead of rocking out, ur call. But I EXPLICITLY state, “If you stick a cell phone in my face I will throw it”, this likely constitutes ‘fair warning’. It’s not a petting zoo. Also dude got his phone right back unharmed”

You can read a couple more responses, below.

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