Tom DeLonge was recently asked his thoughts on Spotify and similar streaming services in an interview:

“AH: What are your thoughts on services like Spotify?

Tom DeLonge: Spotify I don’t really support it as an artist, because why would someone buy a record if they can spend the same money and get every record. I don’t really support it, but I do support the evolving nature of technology. It’s going to help push everything forward, so I always support new ideas but as an artist I can’t really support it. But I do know why people like it and I’m happy with that, but I don’t want to put my records on there.”

It's worth noting that while both Love and Love: Part Two are available on Spotify, as is AVA's major label output (2006's We Don't Need To Whisper and 2007's I-Empire). blink-182's entire discography is available on Spotify as well.

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