Big Blink-182 fan? Love Tom DeLonge? Bet you didn’t know he had collaborated with author Suzanne Young on a series of books. 

DeLonge is releasing Poet Anderson..In Darkness on January 30, 2018, rounding out the series he’s been working on with Young, tying up loose ends and sending his characters on one of their boldest adventures yet. 

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The Poet Anderson series is a trilogy of books following a young man named Jonas Anderson, who ventures into the Dream World initially to find his brother Alan, who has drifted into a coma after a car accident. 

It turns out the brothers are part of a bizarre shared consciousness where fear incarnate is known as a Night Terror. Jonas teams up with a Dream Walker, or a sort of dream guardian, to save his brother and become the person he’s always meant to become: Poet Anderson. 

This entry (spoiler alert!) follows Jonas (Poet, of course) as he fails to save his brother from the Dreamscape and must mull over sacrificing the Dreamscape itself to make everything right. The odds sound stacked against him. Honestly, it sounds like any of your average young adult novels, which is to say it’s probably a super addictive page turner. 

You’ll be able to preorder the book via Amazon soon if you’re interested in checking out what Tom has put together, and why wouldn’t you be? While you’re at it, you can also pick up a copy of the previous entry in the series as well to get a little more up to speed.