Tom DeLonge shares update on second book of ‘Sekret Machines’ series

February 28, 2018
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Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves has been researching aliens and UFOs for quite some time. In addition to his work with To The Stars Academy, he's also written a few books on the subject.

Now, he's adding one more to the collection. The musician has announced on Twitter that the manuscript for the second novel from the Sekret Machines series is almost done.

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“The manuscript for Sekret Machines: A Fire Within has officially been sent to the copy editor for final touches!” DeLonge wrote. He also added the book is likely to be released in the Fall.

According to DeLonge, the book starts where the first novel of the series, Chasing Shadows, ends.

The Sekret Machines collection includes the novels Chasing Shadows and A Fire Within, which are based on real-life events involving UFO sightings and other related occurrences, as well as a non-fiction trilogy based on interviews about the subject with scientists, engineers, intelligence officers and military officials

This is far from the only work DeLonge is doing outside of music.

In January, he released his newest book Poet Anderson…In Darkness, the second in his trilogy of young adult novels, featuring the character Poet Anderson. Teaming up with New York Times best-selling author Suzanne Young once again, the book follows 2015's Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares, and it's been released by DeLonge's own To The Stars.

DeLonge's To The Stars is composed of Science, Aerospace and Entertainment divisions, with the entertainment aspect aiming to educate and inspire curiosity in science. Oh, and remember that Strange Times movie DeLonge announced last year? That's one of TTS Academy's current projects.

He will also be a part of a documentary from blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, which will also feature bassist Mark Hoppus. In December 2017, DeLonge posted a pic on Instagram showing an ad hoc film set, saying, “Travis calls me and asks me to do an interview…next thing I know all these cameras have invaded my office.” A month later, Barker told KROQ's Kevin And Bean this week that the filmed interview with DeLonge will be included in his upcoming documentary, a movie that also features interview footage with Hoppus.

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