Tonight Alive have posted two new track by track videos from their upcoming album The Other Side which is set for release September 10 via Fearless Records.

We recently asked frontwoman Jenna McDougall about those two songs, “Complexes” and “Come Home” in an interview about the new album.

There’s a really good mix of heavier rock songs, and then you look at songs like “Complexes” and “Come Home” and they’re a bit on the softer side in a sense.
We are quite, not a bipolar band, but I think this album is really good about finding our sound, but it’s also about accepting that we don’t have one particular sound. Not all our songs are going to be the same, and you can’t put them under the same umbrella. Some of them are poppy, some of them are really heavy and some of them are somewhere in the middle. We found a balance on this record, and I’m proud of that because I think it’s just being true as human beings. You can be at both ends of the scale.”

Check out seven new TA songs with track-by-track commentary below: